Lycan vs. Werewolf

I've been asked a lot lately, "what is the difference between lycans and werewolves?" After much research perhaps I can answer that now. What a lot of people don't realize is there is no comparison of these creatures. Lycans are a folklore from the Greek and werewolves are from the English. They are two different creatures.

Some say that the Lycan is a Transylvanian based creature but it originated from the Greek. The stories from the Greeks suggest the Lycan was a nude man running naked through the streets tearing at anyone he met with his bare teeth. Other stories of the Greeks mention madness, as in lunacy. But it's commonly known to us as rabies.

As the stories were passed along, they were altered in men who turned into wolves. It's said the lycan is much smarter than a werewolf but it wasn't proven. They represent more of a large walking wolf with a mans posture. They can shift anytime they want, rather it be night or day.

Werewolves are actually of old English folklore. They started up in the Americas after the Spanish settled here. The werewolf transforms randomly on full moons only. They represent more of witchcraft and curse, unlike the Lycan; which is said to be Religious practice. Werewolves resemble a man with a wolf-man like posture and a wolfs' attitude and appearance.

Dr. Xavier Bushmont suggested lycanthropy was a disease. The disease originating in the Far East. He even went as far as to study the symptoms and estimated the population of lycans at 700. Could there really be such a disease or has this scientist gone crazy?

I find it odd how on a wikipedia search, that werewolves were being called lycans in the article on wikipedia. Who's right and who's wrong? Though, I will say that I viewed them as the same before this article but now I can see the differences. And I think now, when I watch a movie or read a book, I will keep the differences in mind.

Other Information

Werewolf Wikipedia Page

The religious chant of the lycans:

Yes those, so humble, knelt in prayer each night.
Yet still the poisoned, wolfbane flowers bloomed, and the gibbous moon, blazes, full and bright.
It screams for shapeshift, then to stalking doomed.
Come lycanthropes all, play your horrid part.
Eyes all gone crimson, whites of ruptured veins
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